2015/03/28(土) 10:00 開催

Arduino Day 2015


日 時: 2015/03/28(土) 10:00 〜 13:00
会 場: National Design Centre
住 所: 111 Middle Road, National Design Centre #01-02, Prototyping Lab @ NDC


OneMaker Group and Singapore Makers Association presents to you a full day of tinkering sessions that gets you to learn and play with the most well known platform for microcontrollers, the Arduino.

Programme Highlights

10am - 1pm: Arduino Wireless Device - Getting started with the ESP8266
1pm - 2pm: Lunch / Heal Hackathon Presentation
2pm - 5pm: Getting Material Centric with Velostat & Polymorph

  • Arduino Wireless Device – Getting started with the ESP8266
    Widely touted as the “$3 Wi-Fi Chip” for interfacing an Arduino or other microcontroller project to the Internet, the ESP8266 is an easy-to-use and stable module – for getting your project online. Serve up data on a web page, send an e-mail when an alarm is triggered or control some lights and motors through your mobile browser. Join us in this workshop for some hands-on tinkering with the ESP8266.
  • Getting Material Centric with Velostat & Polymorph
    Have you played around with Velostat, Polymorph and other specialty materials yet? Exciting developments in materials technology mean that you can now quickly hack up a mount, embed sensors into fabric or create your own structure. Learn how to do these first-hand by making and decorating the staircase!
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